Although video marketing has been around for some time, sites like YouTube and Sclipo are helping video marketing reach new customers. Now customers expect to see the same creativity and high quality in an internet video as they would a television commercial.

Film lovers and J.R.R. Tolkien fans rejoice; The Hobbit is currently being shot with thirty of the new, advanced, hand-machined RED Epic-M cameras.

We received a call requesting us to organize a four day shoot requiring five RED M-X’s. The job: filming Ballet San Jose’s production of Swan Lake. The whole experience has left us confident in the systems we have created and of what is achievable with just one call.

The most meaningful bi-product of last week’s shoot is the more clearly articulated knowledge that our RED Alliance can work quickly and capably with very short notice.

Welcome to part two of our two part advice column! We realize you’ve been hotly anticipating numbers 6 through 1, so here they are without any further adieu.

Today, a new breed of “interactive video productions” is coming from the use of multiple large video screens, programs with very high creative values, and the experience that only a few companies like CLAi have… of course, add the impact RED 4k video to that mix, along with our expertise with this new technology – well, perhaps that adds yet another dimension?

We figured it to be a fitting time to address those new to the industry and provide them with some early advice. The following is the first of a two part list our company has compiled.

The cost of going RED is significantly higher than it first appears! Of course, RED is heavily driven by an amazing base of users. We try to help out this community by making some of our own footage available through our website under the “Free RED Clips” banner.