Anyone who regularly transfers large amounts of data knows that transfer times can be unmanageable when large quantities of data are involved. Using a 10GB RED R3D file I ran a series of tests under a variety of parameters. The results can easily be calculated to fit any amount of data under various situations and transfer methods.

The Food Network hit Restaurant: Impossible was filming an episode in Santa Cruz, California to bring it’s own brand of renovation to Hoffman’s, a local restaurant and patisserie located in the heart of downtown. Three staff members here at CLAi were asked to join the production team during the three-day production.

Professionals from all industries utilize LinkedIn to further themselves and their business. We at CLAi find our LinkedIn profiles pretty handy as well, yet we recognize that there is a certain way to use your profile to optimize your results. Through our own experience and the points made in Compukol Connection’s business blog, we’ve come up with three basic steps to getting the most from your LinkedIn profile: information, keywords, and references/recommendations.

I begin to see why there is such a fierce discussion of their comparison… both cameras shoot beautiful footage for HD or film output, they are almost the same size and weight, and both brands have a loyal following of users. But these similarities are paired with significant core differences.

We are looking forward to the release of the EPIC-X and the Scarlet and firmly believe both cameras will be worth the wait. Unexpected glitches happen to every company, but it takes an act of bravery and commitment to keep customers informed about set backs and fully aware of what will be coming.

Digital campaigning is a relatively new media collective that has shown remarkable success over the last several years. The two aims of digital advertising are to increase brand awareness and generate revenues for your business. In order to obtain both aims, there are three aspects of digital advertising that must be addressed: social media outreach, display advertising, and e-mail marketing.

Businesses can use podcasts to show customers newly formulated ideas and innovations or interviews with clients and the like. But in the age of television, what good is audio without video? Inc. Magazine explains that there are 4 “basic ingredients” that go into creating a video podcast: equipment, a theme, hosting, and marketing.

We thought we’d pass on the basic idea of websites like SalesSpider to our readers. Now there’s a website to help start-ups and small businesses spread their message through social media.