Of all the questions we get about RED Digital Cinema, the biggest mystery and confusion is always the same – the scary unknown of RED R3D files and what to do with them. And if it is an unknown, how do you allocate budget and time for it?

I begin to see why there is such a fierce discussion of their comparison… both cameras shoot beautiful footage for HD or film output, they are almost the same size and weight, and both brands have a loyal following of users. But these similarities are paired with significant core differences.

A sales pitch is a delicate and artful process. In order to be successful, Inc. Magazine suggests avoiding the 7 deadly sins of sales pitching (learnt by us at CLAi the hard way…).

Pitching a film or video concept is at best a delicate and at worst a dreaded process. So here’s a list of the 7 deadly sins of concept pitching provided by INC. Magazine (and learnt by us at CLAi the hard way…).

Marketing and advertising have moved from broad overviews of information that target the general public to narrow and detailed segments. Inc. Magazine shares 4 tips for addressing your narrow-cast audience.

Ted Schilowitz, one of RED’s big guns, answers 9 RED Epic Questions that he gets asked day in and day out, in a video interview.

Although video marketing has been around for some time, sites like YouTube and Sclipo are helping video marketing reach new customers. Now customers expect to see the same creativity and high quality in an internet video as they would a television commercial.

Film lovers and J.R.R. Tolkien fans rejoice; The Hobbit is currently being shot with thirty of the new, advanced, hand-machined RED Epic-M cameras.