I begin to see why there is such a fierce discussion of their comparison… both cameras shoot beautiful footage for HD or film output, they are almost the same size and weight, and both brands have a loyal following of users. But these similarities are paired with significant core differences.

We are looking forward to the release of the EPIC-X and the Scarlet and firmly believe both cameras will be worth the wait. Unexpected glitches happen to every company, but it takes an act of bravery and commitment to keep customers informed about set backs and fully aware of what will be coming.

Ted Schilowitz, one of RED’s big guns, answers 9 RED Epic Questions that he gets asked day in and day out, in a video interview.

Film lovers and J.R.R. Tolkien fans rejoice; The Hobbit is currently being shot with thirty of the new, advanced, hand-machined RED Epic-M cameras.

The most meaningful bi-product of last week’s shoot is the more clearly articulated knowledge that our RED Alliance can work quickly and capably with very short notice.

The cost of going RED is significantly higher than it first appears! Of course, RED is heavily driven by an amazing base of users. We try to help out this community by making some of our own footage available through our website under the “Free RED Clips” banner.